Our event topics and themes emerge from sport, culture, lifestyles, music and the arts. 

 We promise to bring you some of the very best professionals, experts and industry leaders with an event series that presents a compelling platform for forward-thinking and captivating conversations and discussion.

 We want you to feel apart of the evening, connected and involved, so our resident compere is set to welcome you,   introduce you to our guest speakers and facilitate the Q&A session we incorporate into all our evenings.  

 The STANDING ROOM ONLY event series offers a fresh take on the traditional speaker-event format by putting the emphasis firmly on real audience engagement, participation and conversation. 

 Across our event series, we carefully choose three speakers who bring with them compelling and thought - provoking stories   from the industries they excel within. 

 A social and informal evening, our aim is to educate and inspire the audience whilst highlighting local initiatives, groups, organisations and activities where people can get involved.

 STANDING ROOM ONLY is brought to you by www.BreakthroughEvents.co.uk to find out more about who we are, head on down the   page. 


STANDING ROOM ONLY is created, developed and staged exclusively by Breakthrough Events.

''STANDING ROOM ONLY is Created from a passion for captivating and  creative events.  We wanted to  redefine the traditional speaker-event  format by putting the emphasis  firmly on real audience engagement,  participation, and conversation in  order to create   genuine connection, truly engage and inspire. 

Our ethos is simple, to inspire, educate, connect and engage


Lisa Dent // Founder of Breakthrough Events 


 Our resident compere and event host, John Twitchen brings a wealth of   experience at facilitating and hosting events. Along with his   personable character and endearing charm, he is the perfect host to   connect and engage our speakers with the audience. 


 Owner & founder of ENV23.co John is a leading powerhouse when it comes   to the sustainable circular economy and we will certainly be kept on our   toes to ensure our events are environmentally responsible at every turn. 

 When John isn't saving the planet, he can be found coaching Team Mind   BMX Team and heading up the charge for BMX in the local community as   vice-chair of Bournemouth BMX Club.

 We are always working on future events, if you think you could be one of our future speakers or would like to see us cover   a topic or theme not currently listed then please get in touch with us. 

 Alternatively, if you are a brand and would like us to re-create our event for a product launch or activation then drop us a   line to see how we can be involved.